Accessories - Adapters and Extension Cords

These are some of the basic and essential accessories for your portable generator. We have more information about electrical extensions to help you choose the right ones.

LeisureCords RV Adapter 30 Amp

RV Power Adapter enables you to connect your generator's L14-30P locking plug receptacle to an RV that uses a standard 30 AMP RV cord set. This one is rated for 125v/3750W.

20 inch 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Adapter

100% copper wire conductor/flame retardant and heat-resistant PVC sleeve makes this a perfect choice between the RV and generator using a 30 Amp L14-30P 125/250v locking male plug.

Conntek 4 Prong to 15/20 Amp Y-Adapter

A high quality best-selling generator power cord adapter with NEMA L14-30P to NEMA 5-15/20R, 30 Amp 125/250v to (2) 20 Amp 125v with power indicator and a maximum capacity of 7500 watts.

Camco PowerGrip 30 Amp RV Adapter

This adapter has an L5-30 male and TT-30 female ends for connecting to a generator's L5-30 locking receptacle and your RV using a standard 30 AMP 120V AC cord set.

Camco 12" L5-30 AMP Locking Adapter

Connects a L5-30 30 AMP locking receptacle to a TT-30 30 AMP standard cord set plug for use with RVs. It's rated for 125 Volts/3750 watts. A patented PowerGrip handle makes unplugging easier.

AC WORKS 6-50 Welder Adapter

Ideal for welders who operate with high power needs, this has a NEMA L14-30P 4 Prong 30 Amp 125/250 Volt Locking Plug and a NEMA 6-50R 50Amp 250 Volt welder oultet.

AC WORKS Generator Adapter to Transfer Switch

A compact and durable locking adapter connects a regular household plug to a locking female connector. It's a NEMA 5-15P to NEMA L14-30R with a max operating 1875 Watts, ideal for transfer switches.

RVGUARD 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Adapter

A reliable and well-made solution for powering your RV from your generator with specially designed Power Grips to make connecting and removing easy.

CircleCord 3 Prong 30 Amp RV Generator Adapter Cord

A 30 Amp 125 NEMA L5-30P 3-prong locking male plug to 30 Amp 125v NEMA TT-30R female receptacle with a molded plug and made with weather-resistant materials. Ideal for connection with your 30 Amp RV.

Miady NEMA L14-30P 30 Amp Generator Plug

Heavy Duty L14-30P Locking Plug, 3-pole, 4-wire grounding type with 30A outlet. Rated for 125/250v and up 7500W. Pleas note this product is NOT WATER-PROOF.
Extension Cords

RVGUARD 30 Amp 20 Feet Extension

A bestselling extension with 100% copper cable and durable PVC cladding, this model gives you the security of twist lock plugs and can handle up to 7500 watts of power.

25 Feet Heavy Duty Generator Adapter Extension

A new design of flat 10 gauge cable with weather and fire resistance, this adapter / extension is easy to pass through doors or windows. It is rated for max 7500 watts 30 Amp 125/250 volts.

CircleCord 100 Feet 30 Amp Extension

You can safely connect the generator to your home's manual transfer switch with this high quality extension which can handle 125/250 volts up to 7500 watts. Made with pure copper wiring clad with durable PVC.

25 Feet Heavy Duty Extension

With weather resistant components and NEMA L5-30P/THREE 5-15R, 3 prong 10 gauge (10 AWG) cable, this generator extension has a capacity of 3750 watts at 30 Amp and 125/250 volts.

BougeRV 30 Amp 40 Feet Power Cord for Manual Transfer Switch

You can use this cord as a safe and effective way to connect your generator to your home's manual transfer switch, giving you utility-like power without needing extension cords throughout the house.

100 Feet Heavy Duty Extension

An effective solution between the generator and your manual transfer switch, giving your home utility-like power. NEMA L14-30P/L14-30R,4 prong 10 gauge cable with 125/250v 20 Amp and 7500 watts capability.

Conntek 50 Feet Extra Heavy Duty Extension

Built with heavy duty 10AWG 100% copper wire, the extension has a NEMA L14-30 configuration providing power at 30 Amps 125/250 Volts with a max rating of 7500 Watts.

Yodotek 25 Feet Heavy Duty Extension

Plugs with twist lock design and made with durable quality parts to ensure safe connections, this generator extension has a capacity of 3750 watts at 30 Amp and 125/250 volts.

Conntek 1450SS2-25 50 Cord 25 Feet

Built with finely stranded ultra-premium copper, the extension has a NEMA L14-50P configuration providing power at 50 Amps 125/250 Volts with a max rating of 12500 Watts.

Yodotek 50 Feet Heavy Duty Extension

A heavy duty weather proof extension cord made with big gauge copper wire for a maximum 7500 watts of power at 30 Amps 125/250 Volts.

RVGUARD 30 Amp 15 Feet Extension

Bestselling 10 Gauge 4 Prong extension cord 125/250v with 100% copper cable and durable PVC cladding and and twist lock plugs that can handle up to 7500 watts of power.

RVMATE 30 Amp 10 Feet Extension

From 10 feet to 100 feet this is a 10 Gauge 4 Prong all-weather highly flexible extension cord 125/250v for power outputs of up to 7500 watts.

Miady 10 Feet 30 Amp Extension Cord

Options up to 40 feet long, this is the 10 feet variant. All have an L14-30 twist lock plug for secure coupling and are highly flexible and weather-resistant.

Yodotek 10 Feet Locking Power Cord

Heavy Duty 30 Amp 10 Gauge 4 Prong extension cord built with extreme weather-resistant materials for outdoor as well as indoor use and able to handle up to 7500 watts.

Champion 25 Feet Extension Cord

Top selling 30 Amp power cord for manual transfer switch connections. Made with high quality materials offering maximum weather resistance and rated for 250v use.

RVGUARD 30 Amp 50 Feet Extension

Long and super flexible weather-resistant 10 Gauge 4 Prong generator extension cord with secure twist lock plugs rated for 125/250v and up to 7500 watts.
Last updated on: 14 February 2023
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