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Particularly if you happen to live in a high-risk area in terms of power outages, having a stock of fuel for your portable generator could make all the difference for being adequately prepared for any situation in which you find yourself being cut off from the grid. But storing your fuel safely and securely must never be overlooked and the regulations governing what you can and cannot do will invariably be regulated by your local authorities. The American Petroleum Institute has useful information on safe storage and disposal you may wish to consult for appropriate guidance.

So, before doing anything else, go and speak to your local Fire Department. They will be able to advise you about the rules and regulations you will have to abide by to minimize the inherent dangers of storing fuel.

Also, don't forget that gasoline has a limited shelf life even after you have added a fuel stabilizer. According to some people it can last from 3 to 9 months depending on how it is stored. That's a wide variation.

In terms of storage, below you can find a selection of approved fuel containers and pumps.

Approved Fuel Containers and Pumps

No-Spill 1405 2 1/2 Gallon Poly Gas Can

No-Spill technology with auto-stop fuel flow gives you the confidence to use this container safely and help prevent accidental fuel spillage.

No-Spill 1450 5 Gallon Poly Gas Can

Auto-stop fuel flow technology makes it easier and safer for you to use this big 5 gallon container without accidentally spilling fuel.

Eagle 5 Gallon Red Steel Gasoline Safety Can

Designed so you can easily and safely dispense gasoline using the patented comfort grip trigger release, this can is just what you need to store fuel for that emergency when you'll need it.

Justrite AccuFlow 2 Gallon Steel Fuel Can

Ideal for daily use, this durable 2 gallon can is made with galvanized steel. You'll really like its AccuFlow technology and other safety benefits with which you'll be able to dispense flammable liquids confidently.

Justrite 5 Gallon Steel Fuel Can

A flexible 9-inch hose and Safe-Squeeze trigger handle makes it easy and safe for you to pour with confidence. Built to the highest standards, this product is an ideal solution for you to store your gasoline safely.

Justrite AccuFlow 5 Gallon Steel Fuel Can

Offering a long life, this durable can is made from galvanized steel. You'll really appreciate its AccuFlow technology and safety benefits giving you the confidence to store and dispense flammable liquids.

Garage Boss 2 Gallon Fuel Container

From Briggs and Stratton, this Press 'N Pour gives you the benefit of simple fuel dispensing with precision control. You also have an extendible spout to make pouring into more difficult openings a lot easier.

Justrite 5 Gallon Steel Fuel Can with Funnel

Excellent construction of high-grade coated steel incorporating a funnel so you can easily pour into smaller openings. This Can from Justrite is perfect for daily use as well as for storing fuel for emergencies.

Eagle Steel 5 Gallon Fuel Can

A self-closing cap prevent leaks or spills, and a cap assembly opens automatically to vent internal vapors. Made from galvanized steel and supplied with a funnel so you can store, use, and transport flammable fluids.

Justrite Steel 2 Gallon Fuel Can

Built to last with durable high-grade coated steel, this 2 gallon can is a perfect solution for daily use. You won't need to worry about accidental spillage owing to its spring-loaded lid.

DEWAY Automatic Transfer Pump

Designed to help avoid the lifting of heavy fuel cans, this transfer pump is equipped with Quick Flow Control and can be operated with one hand.

Tera Gasoline Transfer Pump

A next generation high volume gasoline transfer system which fits most gas cans and incorporates overflow protection and no leaking.

Deway Automatic Fuel Transfer Pump

Fitted with an extra long flexible and no-kink hose designed to fit all gas cans, this automatic pump delivers up to 2.4 gallons per minute at the touch of a button.

Tera Multi-Purpose Transfer Pump

Able to transfer up to 2.5 gallons per minute this pump includes a Quick Stop Manual Safety Nozzle for total flow control.

Jumbl Automatic Fuel Transfer Pump

Able to transfer up to 2.5 gallons per minute this powerful transfer pump includes extra long transfer and suction tubes and a Quick Stop Manual Safety Nozzle for total flow control.

Tera TRFA01 Transfer Pump

Fits most US plastic fuel cans and has a no-spill auto-stop nozzle able to transfer up to 2.4 gallons a minute and it's fitted with with a rain-resistant battery cover.
Last updated on: 3 December 2022
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