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Helping you choose a portable generator

Choosing a portable generator can be a difficult process. To help you in this, we set out below some of the main brands and the various technologies available today, as well as the associated accessories one normally needs to consider when owning a portable generator.

We also suggest you have a look at our article entitled "The World of Portable Generators" which gives a comprehensive overview of our website. There, we also raise the uncertain future, first in California and perhaps in other states towards the end of this decade, of anything that's powered by a gasoline engine because of their impact on the environment.

Add Your Essential Accessories...

Protective Covers
Generator Cover
Gas Containers
Adapters & Extensions
adapters and extensions
Detectors & Alarms
First Aid
Fuel Stabilizers
Replacement Wheels
Line Conditioners - UPS
Line Cleaner
Fire Suppression
fire extinguishers
Engine Oils
Generator Spark Plugs
Propane Cylinders

Learn More About Portable Generators

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