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Review of the Generac 7225 Standby Generator

14000 Starting Watts, 14000 Running Watts on Propane

Electric Start: Yes

Weight: 385lbs

Noise: 57dB

Generac 7225 Standby Generator

Should You Buy It?

If a portable generator doesn't meet your power needs where you live you'll probably be looking for a home standby generator. Though it's a big investment and overall running costs are high, it may be just what you need.

This model from Generac's Guardian range is one of their more powerful home standby models able to deliver 14kW of power. If this still is not enough, Generac have other static models for the home with power outputs of up to 26kW.

It's a good option for those who own larger homes and need to power a large amount of equipment including air conditioners. Installation outside your house will need to be done by a professional to ensure you have followed all the local regulations and it'll be as safe as possible.

Key Points about the Generac 7225

Lots of power
Automatic start
24/7/365 Support
Fixed Installation
Only  Natural Gas or Propane

Overview of the Generator

Generac's® Guardian series® generators provide automatic backup power so you can have peace of mind during power outages or other emergencies when you need independent power.

Every Guardian series generator comes with free Mobile Link™ connectivity to your home Wi-Fi allowing you to have easy access from anywhere to information, such as the current operating status and the generator’s maintenance schedule. And when your account is connected to your authorized service dealer you'll have fast, friendly and convenient assistance. 

Automatic standby power is constantly available when connected to a propane tank or natural gas supply. The generator starts almost instantly in the event of power loss and once the engine is running it will transfer power to your home until utility power is restored.

You have the ability to program a sequence of test starting of the generator at intervals you set to either from the Mobile Link™ app or directly from the LCD panel inside the generator housing to ensure that it runs without a problem when the utility power goes down.

The housing itself is an all-aluminum enclosure with a special corrosion-resistant coating for protection against all weather conditions.

For more information on this series of standby generators see the manual.

Control and Features

Generac 7225 Control PanelGenerac 7225 Mobile Link

Generac's Evolution control panel has a multilingual LCD display that in conjunction with the Mobile Link™ helps to ensure your unit is always ready to run by monitoring: 

The protection profile for "exercise" hours and total hours of operation
Battery status and diagnostics
Required maintenance intervals
Monthly reports of historical generator information
Fuel level
Detailed local ambient weather conditions
Generac 7225 Features
Generac 7225 Transfer Switch

The unit is supplied with a 200 Amp whole home automatic transfer switch ready to connect to your grid supply box.

Power Output

Generac 7225 Engine

A Generac twin-cylinder 816cc air-cooled EPA & CARB compliant engine is engineered and assemble in the US with parts produced elsewhere. It is also ETL & UL 2200 certified.

G-Flex variable speed technology allows the engine to run at speeds that adjust automatically according to the load with a maximum RPM of 3600. It delivers a regulated 14000 watts using propane and possibly slightly less when connected to Natural Gas. 


The unit itself weighs 385lbs but as this is a standby generator for static installation this generally is of no concern. 

Noise Level

Although Generac have decided not to publish noise levels for any of their generators, one owner described  the unit having a noise level of 57dB at idle and slightly more when under load.

What Most Buyers Like

Owners say the generator is good value for money and a quality product with a majority of 5-star reviews. It's fairly easy to install though the installation costs by a professional electrician are high.  The unit runs very well getting power back to run virtually everything in the home automatically in under two minutes when faced with an outage.

What Some Buyers Like Less

Installation costs are high and can run to US$2000 depending on several factors such as the distance from your existing electrical panel to the  gas meter. For some owners It can be quite noisy under load, which is a concern if neighbors are close by. Warranty approval can be a lengthy process. Though the first year is free, there is not much information about the required subscription costing US$50 per year to keep using the mobile app. The battery is said to last for just 3 years and a replacement is very expensive. Some buyers have found customer service to be poor or unresponsive.

Model Number7225
Configuration50 State
Rated Max load LPG58.3 amps
Main Line Circuit Breaker60 amps
Rated Voltage240
Transfer SwitchNEMA 3R Fully Auto
Supplied Battery (12v)0H3421S
EngineG-Force 800 OHV
Engine Cylinders2
Engine RPM3600 Max
Engine Displacement816cc
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Oil Capacity qt. (l)2.2 (2.1)
Air Filter0J8478
Oil Filter070185F
Low Oil ShutdownYes
High Temperature ShutdownYes
Auto Voltage RegulationYes
SafetyUL 2200 Listed
Warranty5 Year Limited
Dimensions (inches (mm)
Length48 (121.9)
Width25 (63.5)
Height29 (73.7)
Unit Weight lbs (kgs)385 (175)
Shipping Weight lbs (kgs)214 (97)