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OEM and Third Party Wheel Kits

RamPro 10" All Purpose Air Tyres

Quality heavy-duty pneumatic tyres as an excellent replacement for the no-flat wheels that often come with portable generators
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AR-PRO 10'' Solid Rubber Tires

These are solid rubber and flat-free tires and are a good replacement for the standard plastic tires often supplied with portable generators.
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A solid rubber no-flat tire to replace your existing tires. No need to keep refilling an air tire or face problems of plastic tires. 
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EZ Travel 10" Flat Free Tire

Commonly used as a replacement for tires used with portable generators, this flat-free hardened foam variant is an attractive option.
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WINWEND 10" Flat Free Tires

Made with high-quality urethane, these versatile solid rubber tires are a great alternative for making it easier to move your generator around.
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Marathon 02310 Pneumatic

A versatile set of pneumatic tires with inner tubes for easy repair, and mounted on solid steel rims, these are able to bear loads of 300lbs.
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2xUI PRO TOOLS 10" Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic rubber tires with easy-fix inner tubes and mounted on solid steel rims. Able to support loads of 300lbs.
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2xLAPP Pneumatic Wheels

Set of two 10" pneumatic wheels complete with inner tubes and mounted on steel rims. 
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