Smoke, Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms for the Home

What types of Smoke, Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarms are available? There is a fairly large variety of fire and smoke alarms on the market, with different technologies and prices. Whereas they may be a legal requirement for landlords and businesses they, as well as fire suppression devices, are unfortunately often overlooked by homeowners. This […]
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Electrical Extensions

All You Need to Know to Use Electrical Extension Cords safely At one time or another we all may have to use extension cords, be it in the home or when away, for example camping. For most of us this has never presented a problem other than perhaps the occasional need for an adapter if […]
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Fire Classes and Fire Suppression

Fire: The Complexity and Danger Fire, also commonly known as combustion, might seem at first glance to be a simple subject, but it really isn’t. Daily, we harness and control fire and combustion in many ingenious ways, for example, to power our various means of transport, keep the lights on, or smelt steel among countless […]
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Maintaining a Portable Generator

Why you should maintain your portable generator First of all, portable generators are expensive pieces of kit and owners will want to do all they can to ensure the longest useful life as possible. Keeping them clean after each use is an essential first step. However, working against owners is the fact that most portable […]
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Fuel Stabilizers - All You Need to Know

Fuel Stabilizers (Gasoline) - Introduction Here we aim to give you in a simple and concise way: And, finally, offer you a selection of what looks to be some of the best fuel stabilizers out there according to the people who have used them. What is Gasoline? Gasoline is just one of the products refined […]
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Portable Power Stations

Portable Power Stations – Overview Portable power stations perform a similar function to portable generators to the extent that they both provide you with a means of access to electric power on the move or when for whatever reason you have no access to the grid. UPDATE: Though nothing is yet certain as of 24 […]
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Portable Generator Manufacturers

US Manufacturers of Portable Generators It's been quite an interesting few days researching some of the largest US generator manufacturers. They range from privately owned businesses to at least one (Generac) which is quoted on the New York Stock Exchange. Generac (see below) provides a wealth of information about its business. Other companies have less […]
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Batteries and the Future of Energy Capture

How battery technology changed over the years: A history in a nutshell Most people in the United States will have heard of Benjamin Franklin as a Founding Father and one of those who drafted and signed the United States Declaration of Independence. His face in on 10 billion or more US$100 notes currently in circulation […]
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Portable Generators: Why Are They So Noisy?

Portable Generators – Why are they so Noisy? It’s an interesting question. Engines don’t need to be noisy. Just listen to your automobile. How quietly the engine runs is often one of the most emphasised selling points of any auto salesperson. The only time you hear a loud noise coming from an automobile is usually […]
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Portable Generators - Choosing and Connecting

Can a portable generator power a home? This is a great questions asked by lots of people who worry about how to keep the power on when the grid goes down. And for good reason, especially if you live in an area like North Carolina or Vermont where winter storms and hurricanes are the cause […]
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The Dangers of Owning a Portable Generator

While Portable Generators can be a Lifesaver they can also be a Killer Few would disagree that portable generators are more than just a useful invention. Huge numbers of people have come to depend on them, be it because of severe weather, power outages, or other kinds of emergency. And for some people with medical […]
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Portable Generators: Operation at Altitude

Operating a Portable Generator at Altitude Voluntary Standards on Safety and Performance of Portable Generators Did you know that the safety and performance of portable generators with outputs of up to a maximum of 15000 watts (15Kw) is voluntarily governed by a standard published by the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association (PGMA)? If not, know that […]
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Weather Patterns and the Hurricane Season 2022

General Hurricane and Weather Outlook in 2022 Hurricane forecasters are predicting another active hurricane season in 2022, with Colorado State University saying there is about a 65% chance of above-average activity though it looks to be slightly lower than 2021. Although nothing can be certain when talking about the weather, the temperature of the waters […]
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Portable Generator Warranties In The USA

Introduction to Portable Generator Warranties in the US The information we provide here relates to the brands we cover and is for information purposes only. It is your responsibility to inform yourself about the specific terms and conditions related to any product you are thinking about buying. That said, we hope the following will give […]
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Portable Generators - Where Are They Made?

Where are Portable Generators Made? While the focus of this post is where portable generators are made, it remains a subject of a much wider context, which we will touch upon briefly here. But first... It's an Open Secret When the box containing your portable generator arrives at your door it will probably have some […]
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