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Written by mike on March 22, 2023

Updated on: 19 July 2023 

Noise Levels

Noise Levels and Its Effects On Us

Perhaps for many people the term decibel doesn’t mean a lot. So for starters let’s take a look at a few dictionary definitions.

The Cambridge English dictionary defines it as “a unit for measuring the loudness of sound”, while the Collins dictionary describes it as “a unit of measurement which is used to indicate how loud a sound is”. And for the more technical, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it in one way as “a unit for expressing the ratio of the magnitudes of two electric voltages or currents or analogous acoustic quantities equal to 20 times the common logarithm of the voltage or current ratio”. Umm…

Here is an excellent video explanation by the celebrity YouTuber, Linus. One important fact you’ll hear is that our ears don’t hear sound pressure in a linear fashion. Linus also mentions that Wikipedia has a chart that you can reference next time you see a loudness rating in decibels so that you have some context for interpreting published sound ratings and their meaning.

And we thought it would be useful for you to see an expert looking deeper into the power of sound, its effects on us, and why it’s important in ways in which we may not be aware. Take a look if you would like to know more about this important subject.

So What Does This Mean In Relation To Generators

It simply means that whenever you see a decibel rating, or a noise level expressed in decibels then watch out! Be aware that the way decibel numbers increase is not something we automatically understand like, for example, measurements in distance.

As a rule of thumb, the bigger the generator the louder it is. And an open frame generator will always be louder than one that has an enclosure.


Article by mike

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