Generac Power Systems and Portable Generators

A summary of vital statistics relating to Generac portable generators

This is a selection of both inverter portable generators and conventional / traditional models under the brand name Generac.

Generac is one of the most popular brands of portable generators in the United States. Besides their range of portable generators, the company also produce static standby generators for residential and commercial use. In addition, they are a leading player in an exciting newer area of power delivery with their advanced PWRcell® energy storage systems.

The company does not publish data about how noisy their generators are. While it is true that their justification for this stance is the absence of standards by which different brands can be reliably be compared, a lot of buyers actually search for this information when looking to buy a portable generator. In these circumstances, there is a reasonable case for the company adding this information, of course with the proviso that the numbers are estimates of noise levels taken under specific conditions and not written in stone.

However, unlike some other suppliers of this kind of equipment, we are pleased to say that potential buyers can find a lot of information about the company and its plans, and they are the only one as far as we can find to publish an annual report. We have summarized at the following link some of the essential information about the company

Generac GP1200i

Weight: 33lbs - Sound: N/A
Gasoline Start: 1200w - Run: 1000w
A light weight inverter, simple to use with some basic power for your outdoor activities such as camping and tailgating.
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Generac GP2200i

Weight: 48lbs - Sound: N/A
Gasoline Start: 2200w - Run: 1700w
A practical alternative for camping and recreational activities that buyers report as being great value for money.
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Generac GP3000i

Weight: 59.5lbs - Sound: N/A
Gasoline Start: 3000w - Run: 2300w
Featuring Generac's PowerRush patented technology delivering over 50% more starting capacity, this is seen as a great little inverter.
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Generac iQ3500

Weight: 109.1lbs - Sound: N/A
Gasoline Start: 3500w - Run: 3000w
A fully featured electric start model with 120V and 240V capability for your home essentials and high amperage tools.
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Generac GP3500iO

Weight: 74.3lbs - Sound: N/A
Gasoline Start: 3500w - Run: 3000w
An open frame model to take camping and tailgating. And it's got enough power for light job site work and basic home backup.
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Generac 7678 GP3600

Weight: 104.7lbs - Sound: Not Stated
Gasoline Start: 4500w - Run: 3600w
With Generac's Advanced PowerRush Technology giving 40% more starting power, this model is good for outages, work and play.
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Generac 7676 GP8000E

Weight: 200lbs - Sound: N/A
Gasoline Start: 10000w - Run: 8000w
A powerful generator from Generac including electric start and a CO sensor to warn you from this dangerous gas.
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Last updated on: 14 February 2023
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