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Review of the Generac 7676 GP8000E Open Frame Portable Generator

10000 Starting Watts, 8000 Running Watts on Gasoline

Electric Start: Yes

Weight: 198lbs

Noise: 0dB


Should You Buy It?

Yes, this is quite a powerful generator from a serious company which continues to grow and develop new technologies. The reviews we have seen are overwhelmingly positive compared to the few who have experienced some difficulty. And it has proved to be a godsend for many buyers who have had to face severe weather or have found themselves cut off from the grid by the electricity company.

One alternative to this model is the Westinghouse WGen7500.

Key Points about the Generac 7676 GP8000E

Fairly powerful
Electric start
Carbon monoxide warning system
Hour meter
Fairly noisy
Packaging could be better
No idle control

Overview of the Generator

The Generac GP8000E is a reasonably powerful open frame generator with uses ranging from home backup, recreation to work on a jobsite. Its features include electric start and CO-SENSE (a means to warn you of a buildup of carbon monoxide being produced by the generator, and which presents a serious health hazard for those in its vicinity).

The generator has a 50-state configuration. 

Control and Features

generac-gp8000e control panel

The control panel has the minimum of essential features, including an electric start operated by a rocker switch, an hour meter, covered outlets with corresponding circuit breakers, and carbon monoxide warning LEDs. A battery is supplied as standard.

The hour meter is a very useful feature because it allows you to keep track of when it's time for a maintenance stop. There's a relatively large fuel tank, and you can monitor the gas level via the fuel gauge located on top of the unit.

Generac supply an initial quantity of oil with this generator.

The GP8000E has 2x120v duplex 20Amp receptacles (NEMA 5-20R) and 1x120v/240v 30Amp locking receptacle (NEMA L14-30R). All of the outlets have covers and are protected by circuit breakers. This model can be connected to your home's electrical system with the use of a transfer switch.

Here is the Generac GP8000E manual.

Power Output

A Generac OHV 420cc splash lubrication gasoline engine produces 10000 starting watts and 8000 running watts. It has a feature called PowerRushâ„¢ Advanced Technology which Generac say allows the generator to deliver 40% more starting power. There is no Eco Mode and the engine spins at a constant 3600 RPM. On a full tank of gas, it runs for 11 hours with a 50% load.

Overhead Valve Technology (OHV) has the intake and exhaust valves positioned above the cylinder in a separate component of the engine called the head. This is generally considered to be a better design than engines which have the valves in the block. OHV technology provides benefits of better combustion, reduced fuel and oil consumption, and longer engine life.

This is not an inverter so you will need a UPS/line cleaner/surge protector when connecting any sensitive electronic equipment.

When choosing a portable generator, buyers often forget to factor in the altitude where they live. This is important because altitude and ambient temperature can significantly affect the performance and output any generator is capable of producing at sea level.


At nearly 200lbs it's a fairly hefty bit of kit to easily move around. But it comes with solid rear wheels and a foldable handle to make that a bit easier.

While solid wheels never go flat, they can develop flat spots when the unit is stored for long periods. So the advice is to move it regularly to prevent any deformations. Alternatively, you can take the weight off the wheels by jacking up the generator when putting it into store.

We have put together some more information about this sort of wheel. And we offer some alternatives for those who don't like the never-flat variety.

Noise Level

Generac don't publish noise levels for any of their generators because there are no standards to make fair comparisons. But with a big engine in an open frame, together with a constant engine speed, it is bound be noisy.

What Most Buyers Like

The generator appears to be well built. It's easy to set up, starts easily with the electric starter, and has plenty of power to run a refrigerator, well pump, lights, and a small heater. It can run the whole of a 2000 square foot house (without the A/C). Other owners found it worked well with their A/C, but not a lot else. It's not a quiet generator, but all models of this size have similar levels, so it is to be expected.

As the unit is also small enough, it can easily be taken on camping trips or run simpler power tools when away from a grid supply of power.

What Some Buyers Like Less

Not all units have been trouble-free. Some buyers feel the engine is of a lesser quality than the electrics. Like other heavy generators, some of the generators have suffered damage in transit, suggesting that the packaging could be stronger.

Model Number7676-1 / 7676-2
Configuration50 State
Running Watts8000
Starting Watts10000
AC Load Amps 120v66.6
AC Load Amps 240v33.3
AC Voltage120v/240v
AC Frequency60Hz @ 3600 RPM
Engine Size420cc
Engine TypeOHV
Engine RPM3600
Spark Plug TypeBosch F7TC or Equivalent
Recommended Oil10W-30 / SAE 30
Oil Capacity qt. (l)1.06 (1.0)
Lubrication MethodSplash
Auto Voltage RegulationYes
Fuel ShutoffYes
StartersElectric & Recoil
Battery IncludedYes
Battery TypeLead Acid (12v DC 9Ah)
Battery Part No.0G9449
Battery Wall ChargerYes
Low Oil ShutdownYes
Neutral Bonded to GroundYes
Start SwitchOff/Run/Start
Fuel GaugeYes
Fuel Tank gal. (l)7.9 (29.9)
Run Time 25% load15 Hours
Run Time 50% load10 Hours
Wheel TypeNever Flat
Wheel Size9.5"
Warranty Residential3 Year Limited
Warranty Commercial1 Year Limited
Handle & Wheel KitYes
Battery ChargerYes
Owner ManualYes
Dimensions (inches (mm)
Length27.2 (692)
Width27 (684)
Height26.5 (674)
Extended Length45.5 (1155)
Unit Weight lbs (kgs)200 (90)
Shipping Weight lbs (kgs)214 (97)