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3 stars

Review of the Generac GP2200i Portable Inverter Generator

2200 Starting Watts, 1700 Running Watts on Gasoline

Electric Start: No

Weight: 48lbs

Noise: 0dB


Should You Buy It?

Generac are one of the most well-established brands of portable generators. They also make other equipment including static backup generators for the home and business locations. They lay claim to being the first company to produce affordable domestic portable generators in the US and to sell more units than all their competitors put together.

While there are quite a few alternative inverters competing for this segment of the market, including some other Generac models, this one has many features that could make it an attractive option for you.

Key Points about the Generac GP2200i

Quiet operation
Well-balanced if not the lightest
Simple to operate
Great Value
Manual information could be better
Customer Service
Oil filling is messy
Weak recoil cord

Overview of the GP2200i

Generac GP2200i Features

The Generac GP2200i is a mid to lower end model in the company's range of portable inverter generators. Like almost all of its competing products, this one is said to be made in China according to the company's specifications, though final responsibility for quality control rests with Generac themselves.

Its compact construction and reasonable power outputs make it a good option for campers, tailgaters and many others who enjoy the outdoor life. And it's at this market segment that Generac primarily aim this product. It can also act as a useful backup to keep essential equipment going during an emergency or outage.

Control and Features

Generac GP2200i Control Panel

The control panel on the GP2200i is functional rather than comprehensive, with a combined Off/Run/Choke dial and three LEDs for low engine oil (red), power overload (orange), and output readiness (green). Like most portable generators, it automatically shuts the engine down when a low oil level is detected, and it won't start again until you add more. If connecting only light loads, an Economy switch reduces the engine's RPM for a quieter and more economical operation.

For household connections there are 2x120v 20A receptacles for single phase 60Hz electrical loads and protected by AC circuit breakers. In addition, there is a 12v DC outlet and a USB port. All the receptacles and ports have protective rubber covers.

Before storing the unit for more than 30 days, and unless you've added a fuel stabilizer, Generac recommend you drain the fuel into an approved container (we show some of these fuel containers). This is because fuel goes bad over time and can gum up the fuel system, preventing the unit from starting without some fairly major maintenance (more information on fuel stabilizers).

Here is a download of the Generac GP2200i manual.

It is not equipped with a carbon monoxide (CO) sensor.

Power Output

The unit is powered by a 80cc engine that delivers 2200 watts of starting power and 1700 watts of continuous power. It runs for up to 10.75 hours at 25% load and 7 hours at 50% load on its 1.18 gallon fuel tank. An Economy mode automatically adapts engine speed to the load, promoting maximum fuel economy and reducing noise.

While you can increase output to 3230W (there is a 5% loss when paralleling), two inverters can operate in parallel using an  optional Parallel Kit (Generac 7118), but it may be more appropriate to buy a more powerful inverter if this is a regular occurrence.

Under the name of True Power™ Technology, Generac's inverters deliver clean and stable current, in other words without fluctuations and spikes, so you can safely connect your sensitive electronics.

The power outputs of this model can be reduced further when operated above a certain altitude. See our information on this subject so you be sure to get the power outputs you need or expect.


The GP2200i has a compact enclosed design with a dry weight of 48lbs. The unit is well-balanced and has a built-in handle to aid in carrying it from place to place.  

Noise Level

Generac don't publish a decibel rating for any of their generators on the basis that there are no industry standards that would make like-for-like comparisons easier. Instead, they say their "quiet" generator engines run at about the same level as a normal conversation. However, one owner mentions a rating of about 66dB though they don't say at what levle of operation.

What Most Buyers Like

The GP2200i is a very popular inverter. For most owners it's easy to start, low in noise and economical, proving to be a real boon to keep their most essential appliances going when faced with an outage or other emergency. It's also a good RV backup and can run a 12000BTU AC unit.

What Some Buyers Like Less

A few buyers complain of defective units and poor service from Generac's Customer Service. Some also find the 2200 reference misleading as this is the momentary surge output and not the continuous wattage, which is 1700W.

ModelGP2200i 7117-0 (50-State)
Starting MethodRecoil Pull Start
Rated Power1700W
Starting Power2200W
Rated AC Voltage120V
Rated AC Load at 120V14.1 A
Rated Frequency60Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH in/mm)19.8x11.5x17.9 (504x293x454)
Weight (Dry)48lbs (21.8kg)
Shipping Weight53.8lbs (24.4kg)
Engine TypeSingle Cylinder 4-Stroke
Engine Displacement80c
Engine RPMVariable
Lubrication MethodSplash
Spark Plug Part No.0K95530157
Spark Plug TypeE6TC / E6RTC / BPR6HS or equivalent
Spark Plug Gap (in/mm)0.024 (0.6-0.7)
Fuel Capacity / Type1.18 US Gallons, 4.5L Unleaded
Oil Type (Recommended)10W30
Oil Capacity0.36 qt (0.35 L)
Low Oil ShutdownYes
Run Time at 25% Load10.75 Hours
Run Time at 50% Load7 Hours
Dimensions (L-W-H) Inches19.7x11.4x17.9
Warranty (Residential)2-Years Limited