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Review of the Honda EU3200iAN Portable Inverter Generator

3200 Starting Watts, 2600 Running Watts on Gasoline

Electric Start: No

Weight: 59.1lbs

Noise: 58dB

Honda EU3200i portable generator

Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a generator that meets your particular power needs while also being easy to use and transport from place to place, then the premium Honda EU3200iAN is definitely worth considering. Honda offer you a reassuring 3-year warranty to give you peace of mind in what will be a considerable investment compared to many of the other cheaper brands.

Bear in mind that this version of the EU3200iAN is not certified for use in California.

Key Points about the Honda EU3200i

An outstanding inverter
Super quiet operation
Legendary reliability and durability
Easy setup and operation
Parallel capable
Safe with sensitive electronics
No electric start
No digital/analog meters

Overview of the Generator

The Honda EU3200iAN is one of the most premium portable inverter generators around, which is reflected in its price. It is an ideal choice for those who demand the best in a mobile generator that can see them safely though power outages and enhance their outdoor activities such as camping out and tailgating.

Honda is renowned for the reliability and durability of their products, and this is no exception. It’s a highly reliable and high-quality power source that is lightweight and compact, making it very easy to move from place to place using the built-in handle, as well as store it away when not in use.

With a maximum output of 3200 watts, it can power a decent range of appliances. This power level can be increased owing to the generator’s parallel capability, and when connected to another EU3200iAN you can expect an output of up to 6400 watts (note: the parallel kit is an optional extra).

Honda have also included in this model CO-MINDER technology. This is a system which is designed to automatically shut down the generator if and when it detects dangerous levels of toxic carbon monoxide gas. The engine will also turn off automatically if it senses that the oil level is too low for safe operation.

Controls and Features

Honda EU3200i Control Panel

Like most, if not all, inverter generators, this model uses advanced inverter technology generating stable and clean power, which means it is safe to use with sensitive electronics such as laptops and smartphones.

The unit doesn't have an hour meter, but the front panel contains LEDs that give you information on fuel level, Eco Throttle operation, and more.

Like most portable generators, this Honda includes a system which shuts the engine down automatically when the oil falls below a safe level, and will stop you from restarting it until you've added more oil.

The receptacles include a duplex 20A 120v and a 12v DC outlet, but there are no USB ports.

More detailed and operational information is contained in the Honda EU3200i manual.

Power Output

At the heart of the EU3200iAN is a GX130 engine which uses smart electronic fuel injection technology to increase fuel efficiency, do away with a choke, and reduce problems usually associated with the carburetor. Without the need for a choke, it is easy to start and get going by pulling the manual recoil cord, and you can run the generator for over 8 hours from its 1.2-gallon fuel tank at 25% load, and 3.3 hours using its maximum performance.

The engine also has an Eco mode which is designed to automatically adjust engine speed according to the load placed on it. This enables you to make the best use of fuel, extend engine life, and of course benefit from a reduced level of noise. And on noise, the EU3200iAN has a level of only around 58dB at full load and 54dB at 25% load, making it one of the quietest models with this kind of power you can buy.


At under 60lbs the Honda is light enough in general for one person to move around and store with ease.

Frequenty asked questions

    It shouldn't be hard at all. However, some buyers have had difficulties because the engine may have become flooded when trying repeatedly to start the generator. It's important to note that before pulling the recoil starter fully you should do a few very short pull actions and retractions until you feel the resistance of the compression stroke. It may aslo help if you go through this starting process while the generator is in ECO mode

    Some owners think that the fuel tank is too small when they have had to run it for an extended period. Also bear in mind that Honda generators are often considerably more expensive than other brands offering similar power outputs.

    You should find this version of the EU3200i is made in Japan.

    Yes, but please note that the total combined output will only be that of double the lowest power. In the case of the EU2200, that means a total power output of 4400W rather than the 6400W you could obtain by linking together in parallel two EU3200i generators.

Full model nameEU3200IAN (49 State), EU3200IAC (50 State)
EngineHonda GX130
49 State ModelCannot Ship to California
AC Output120V 3200W max. (26.7A), 2600W rated (21.7A)
Receptacles30A 125V locking plug, 20A 125V duplex
DC OutputNA
Starting SystemRecoil
Fuel Tank Capacity1.2 gal.
Run Time per Tankful3.3 hr. @ rated load, 8.6 hrs @ 1/4 load
Dimensions (L x W x H)22.5 x 12.0 x 17.8 inches
Noise Level58 dB(A) @ rated load, 54 dB(A) @1/4 load
Dry Weight59.1 lbs