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5 stars

Review of the Westinghouse iGen2200 Portable Inverter Generator

2200 Starting Watts, 1600 Running Watts on Gasoline

Electric Start: No

Weight: 48.5lbs

Noise: 50dB


Should You Buy It?

The short answer is yes. This is a solid little performer with a majority of outstanding reviews. It's not perfect, but no one generator is. Westinghouse has a large network throughout the US and elsewhere to deal with any problems or questions you may have, and their after sales service, despite a few bumps in the road, looks to be one you can normally rely on.

Alternative inverters to consider include the Champion 100692 and the super reliable, but expensive, Honda EU2200i.

Key Points about the Westinghouse iGen2200

5-stars and highly recommended
Lightweight design
Parallel capable
Economic with fuel
Easy setup and user friendly
Safe for use with sensitive electronics
Low power
Customer Service could be better
No hour meter
No electric start
No fuel gauge

Overview of the Generator


The iGen2200 is a compact, quiet, and lightweight generator, ideal for camping, tailgating, boating and other recreational activities. Even though its power is limited, the generator is also useful as a convenient solution for emergency backup of very basic appliances for short periods during an outage or other emergency. It can power most refrigerators, as well as appliances and equipment you use while out on the road.

Controls and Features


The control panel is simple, with a 3-way operating dial, a reset button in case of overload, an Efficiency Mode switch, a ground terminal, and LEDs for low oil, overload and Output Ready. Overload and low oil sensors shut down the engine automatically when necessary to prevent damage.

For connections there are 2x120v 20 Amp 5-20R standard household outlets and 2x5v USB ports, all with rubber protective outlet covers.

There is no electric start option for the iGen2200. Neither does it have a fuel gauge. And there is no fuel shutoff to use remaining fuel in the carburetor before shutting the unit down. In situations like this, the use of a fuel stabilizer is recommended. This will prevent the gasoline from breaking down and affecting the operation of the carburetor.

This model runs for up to 12 hours at 25% load on its 1.14-gallon gas tank.

Westinghouse give you a 3-year warranty for residential use. For commercial use the warranty is reduced to 1 year. Both have Free Lifetime Technical Support.

The iGen2200 manual can tell you more about this model and how it works.

Power Output

The generator has an 80cc 4-Stroke OHV Westinghouse engine producing 2200 starting watts and 1800 running watts. It automatically adjusts engine speed to match the power demand, ensuring a fuel saving of between 30-50% over traditional technology, as well as reducing harmful emissions.

For more power you can connect another compatible Westinghouse inverter generator with this parallel link.

Using inverter technology, its power output is clean and steady at less than 3% THD. This means it's free from spikes and fluctuations that can damage sensitive electronic components.

Take note that the published power outputs can be affected by altitude.


Weighing just 46lbs it's one of the lighter inverters. It has a built-in carrying handle, so you should have no problem in moving it to wherever you need it, always aware that you should never use it in an enclosed space for the reasons set out above.

Noise Level

Westinghouse specify the iGen2200 as having a low noise level of 52dB. It is built in a double-insulated acoustic enclosure with asymmetrical cooling fans and low tone mufflers.

52dB might not mean a lot to some people, but noise levels can affect people in different ways. 

What Most Buyers Like

From the large number of reviews for the iGen2200, buyers are overwhelmingly in favor of this model. They give it mainly 5-stars with comments that include "Great", "Awesome", "Compact and Light Weight", "Great looking", and "User friendly". 

Capable of running a 5000 BTU air conditioner in a camper, and an RV 1350 BTU unit, they unhesitatingly recommend this model. One very happy customer says that in times of emergency you need something reliable, and this brand is it. For the price, you get more than what you asked for, and for years to come.

Buyers say it's quieter than expected, definitely louder than a dishwasher, but not by much. One says they can't even hear it running when 75-100 feet away.

Pricewise, another owner thinks it's the best inverter generator on the market. It handles individual appliances and electronics well and has an amazing fuel efficiency. 

For some, the included supply of oil and funnel are a thoughtful addition. And Free Life-Time Technical Support is a welcome bonus.

What Some Buyers Like Less

While there is a lot of praise for the iGen2200, it isn't completely without its problems. For instance, there is the inconvenience of having to use a screwdriver to take the panel off to put the oil in (if this really is an inconvenience). And the fuel filter could be better placed for ease of maintenance. There is no 12v DC outlet like some of the competition, and the included spark plug wrench is cheaply made.

The generator needs a low fuel LED indicator as well as a wattage gauge to monitor the load. Draining the carburetor is a manual process because there is no fuel shutoff, so you have to be careful about stale fuel harming the generator

Technical support, while good overall, is not always up to par. One caller says they were disconnected at least 4 times before a call center picked up and took their information. Another was unable to take their new purchase on a camping trip because of a failure of Technical Support to contact them in time.

Running Watts1800
Peak Watts2200
Running Amps15A
Peak Amps18A
AC Voltage120V
AC Frequency60 Hz
Parallel CapableYes (cable sold separately
Fuel Tank Capacity1.14 gal. (4.3 L)
Fuel GaugeNo
Run Time @ 25%12 hrs.
Noise Level52 dBA
Total Harmonic Distortion<3%
OutletsDuplex 120V (5-20R), 2 USB
GFCI OutletsNo
Voltage MeterNo
Frequency MeterNo
Lifetime Run HoursNo
Low Oil IndicatorYes
Overload IndicatorYes
Output Ready IndicatorYes
Covered OutletsYes
Overload ProtectionYes
RV ReadyNo
Grounding SystemFloating Neutral
Engine Displacement80cc
Engine TypeOHV 4 Stoke
Starter TypeRecoil
Low Oil ShutdownYes
Oil Capacity11.8 oz. (0.37 qt.)
Economy ModeYes
Choke TypeManual
Included AccessoriesOil Bottle, Oil Funnel
Spark Plug Wrench
Warranty (Residential)3 Year Limited
Warranty (Commercial)1 Year Limited
Assembled Length19.8 in. (503 mm)
Assembled Width11.4 in. (290 mm)
Assembled Height17.9 in. (455 mm)
Dry Unit Weight46 lb. (21 kg)