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Written by Chris on March 29, 2023
Updated on: 13 April 2023 

A-iPower - The Company

There isn't a lot of information on the web relating to the background and ownership of A-iPower. However, the company appear to be owned by a Chinese business called Senci Power, which according to the Senci website in China consists of 8 subsidiary factories and 1 import and export trading company. They specialize in "developing, producing and exporting high quality gasoline generators, gasoline engines, water pumps, pressure washers, and other spare parts such as mufflers, control panels, frames, etc".

According to Dun & Bradstreet a subsidiary, Senci Power USA Inc., is located at the same address as A-iPower, which show their website as

With almost 30 years of design experience creating industry leading power solutions, A-iPower manufacture a range of innovative, cost-effective power equipment for the home, job site, and for recreation. 

A-iPower say their portable generators, pressure washers, water pumps, and gasoline engines have over the years built an enviable reputation for the most reliable portable generators in the USA.

Where are A-iPower Portable Generators Made?

A-iPower do not appear to state specifically on their website where their generating devices and other equipment are made, even though it may be a frequently asked question by potential buyers. However, the indications are that some, if not all, of their generators come from Senci's manufacturing facilities in China. This is confirmed by a by a comment from the company which tells a potential customer that "All of the A-iPower branded machines are researched and developed in the US, while being built in China".

The company have their headquarters in Fontana, California, with the Sales and Engineering office in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our Selection of A-iPower Portable Generators

We have looked at the these A-iPower portable generators.


Article by Chris

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