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Written by Chris on March 29, 2023

Updated on: 13 April 2023 

DuroMax – The Company

Founded in 2003, DuroMax Power Equipment is is an independent private company (sole proprietorship) headquartered in Ontario, California and is said to be the industry’s leader in Dual Fuel portable generator technology. 

As well as the company’s association with portable generators ranging from digital inverters to large open frame models capable of powering all of your home, they also make pressure washers, engines, pumps, and accessories.

DuroMax produce similar but more economical generators under the DuroStar brand.

Where are DuroMax Portable Generators Made?

While there is a considerable amount of superficial information floating around about DuroMax making their own generators in the US it’s not clear whether this relates to an “assembly” process taking place in the US with parts sourced from overseas.

It has to be said that many  of the DuroMax models bear a resemblance to other well-known brands which do bring their units in from China or other Asian countries such as Vietnam.

Another clue lies in DuroMax’s answer, tucked away in their website’s FAQs, to a question about where DuroMax engines are made, to which the reply was: 

“DuroMax engines are used in all DuroMax generators, water pumps, and pressure washers. DuroMax products are engineered and serviced from Ontario, California, USA and built to DuroMax specifications overseas”.

Here are our selection of DuroMax portable generators.


Article by Chris

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