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Written by Chris on March 29, 2023
Updated on: 12 July 2023 

DuroStar - The Company

DuroStar is part of DuroMax Power Equipment, an independent private company (sole proprietorship) headquartered in Ontario, California and is said to be the industry’s leader in Dual Fuel portable generator technology. 

As well as the company's association with portable generators ranging from digital inverters to large open frame models capable of powering all of your home, they also make pressure washers, engines, pumps, and associated accessories.

The models produced by DuroStar and DuroMax appear to be very similar, with a few minor cosmetic differences. Some buyers suggest that the DuroStar lineup offer better value as some of their models appear to be less expensive. There are also other suggestions that the DuroStar brand, from a marketing point of view, is aimed at attracting potential buyers looking for greater value for money. Interestingly, some buyers claim the DuroStar models are just as good as those marketed under the DuroMax brand.

Whatever the differences, you will get the same level of customer service no matter which brand you choose.

Where are DuroStar Portable Generators Made?

The DuroStar line of portable generators appear to be manufactured in China according to design specifications laid out by the US company.

The Best DuroStar Generator?

Many on the internet will claim a particular generator is the "best" as this is a "keyword" which the search engines look for so that they can rank higher in search results. But proposing a particular model as the "best" can be very misleading. It all depends on what you, as an individual, need and let's not forget your needs will not necessarily be the same as mine or anyone else!

So, we will not make any claim as to which generator is the so-called "best". We think it's better that you inform yourself of what buyers think of the models they have bought, and we add some of their positive and less positive views. This, we believe, should guide you much more when making a choice of what to buy rather than relying on some spurious claim that any one model is the best.

DuroStar Portable Generators

Here is our selection of DuroStar portable generators where you can find out more about their characteristics and where you can find buyer comments on their experiences in our look into the individual models.


Article by Chris

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