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Written by Chris on March 29, 2023

Updated on: 13 April 2023 

Honda Power Equipment – The Company

Honda is renowned worldwide for creating some of the world’s most innovative, technologically advanced and reliable engineering products.

While a household name for automobiles and motorcycles, Honda has been in the business of manufacturing over 100 million power products worldwide for nearly 70 years. It introduced Honda generators, tillers and outboard motors into the US Market as far back as 1973.

The company is a leader in the development of low-emission, fuel efficient, environmentally friendly 4-stroke engines used in a variety of power equipment applications that include generators, water pumps, lawn mowers, outboard motors.

Honda Power Equipment Division has its headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia where Honda Power Equipment, Honda Marine, and Honda Engines all operate as autonomous units. Their products include engines, generators, lawn mowers, pumps, snow blowers, tillers, trimmers, and marine engines.

Honda have a large 11,000 square foot facility Research and Development Center in North Carolina where development and testing activities of power equipment products are conducted, as well as in Japan.

Honda Power Equipment Mfg., LLC (HPE) has boosted its general purpose engine production to 2 million engines per year for use by Honda and other manufacturers.

In terms of generators, Honda Power Equipment offer models from 1000 watts to 10000 watts designed for residential, recreational, and industrial applications. The company has a network of thousands of independent dealers across the United States to provide consumers with the best in support and expertise. Some of these have qualified for Honda’s highest recognition, Honda Premier, for meeting the highest standards for brand representation, sales performance, product and customer service.

Where are Honda Portable Generators Made?

According to the company, Honda Power Equipment products are assembled at 11 Honda manufacturing facilities around the world, including Honda Power Equipment Mfg., LLC located in Swepsonville, North Carolina.


Article by Chris

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