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Written by Chris on April 13, 2023

Updated on: 14 July 2023 

PowerSmart – The Company

The following is taken and adapted from PowerSmart’s website, correcting spelling and orthographic errors along the way.

Begins: PowerSmart® has a history dating from the 1990s. The company’s headquarters is in Itasca, Illinois and they specialize in the design and manufacture of fully-featured outdoor power equipment that include lawn mowers, generators, snow blowers to yard blower/ clean-up tools.

With an experienced and extremely knowledgeable staff, PowerSmart are dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality products that offer power and performance at the lowest possible price.

With a passion for innovation, PowerSmart create tools with patented technology to allow their customers to work quickly and easily to solve real job site challenges.

·They offer quality products with quick delivery to optimize your shopping experience;
·They offer non-discriminatory prices to everyone anywhere;
·They maximize your business potential. Ends.

It also appears that the PowerSmart equipment is produced by Amerisun, which is a  US-based distributor and support center for PowerSmart outdoor power equipment.

Where are A-iPower Portable Generators Made?

PowerSmart do not appear to state specifically where their generating devices and other equipment are made. However, it’s probably a fairly safe bet that the equipment is manufactured in Asia for distribution elsewhere.

Our Selection of PowerSmart Portable Generators

So far we have looked at the these PowerSmart 4400W and 2500W portable generators.


Article by Chris

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