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Written by Chris on March 29, 2023

Updated on: 14 July 2023 

WEN – The Company

Company History and Present Activities

Founded in 1951, WEN has been designing and distributing high quality and affordable power tools for decades.

The company originally made its name selling power tools with their research and development team playing a pivotal role in developing a variety of common tools, such as the chainsaw, electric soldering gun, electric jigsaw, among others.

WEN also pioneered random orbital technology, seen in most polishers, waxers and buffers that now give cars everywhere a streak-free shine.

Over time, the company has expanded to encompass a wide variety of other products such as drill presses, tool chests, bench grinders, hand tools, generators, and air compressors. WEN says that it has sold over 50 million consumer units.

In terms of portable generators, WEN produces both gasoline and dual fuel portable generators ranging from 1250 watts to 11,000 watts.

As far as we can see, WEN is a private company.

Where are WEN Portable Generators Made?

Although the WEN company is based the USA, most, if not all, of their products are built in China after having been designed and engineered in the USA. From our research it actually appears that some of their generators, at least the engines, are made by Chongqing-Zongshen and CHONGQING RATO HOLDING (GROUP) CO., LTD.

There is also a remarkable resemblance with the inverter generator below on the left, made by the Chinese company Newland Power, and a WEN inverter (the 56200i). This suggests that the Chinese company manufactures equipment on behalf of WEN.

Wen 56200i and GX-Newland 2000i similarities

WEN Portable Generators

Here you can see a selection of WEN portable generators.


Article by Chris

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