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Written by Chris on March 29, 2023
Updated on: 13 April 2023 

Westinghouse - The Company

Westinghouse (Outdoor Power Equipment)

Westinghouse has a long history spanning over 130 years during which it has been at the forefront of innovation.

The part that deals with portable generators is called Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment (Westpro) and was a Westinghouse licensee of power equipment in both consumer and industrial markets. It is now owned by MWE Investments, LLC of Columbus, Ohio, since 2016 when it appears it was acquired from the Taiwanese company Fusheng Industrial Co., a leading global industrial compressor manufacturer.

Westpro is registered in Ohio under the name Westpro Power Systems and appears at the foot of MWE's website under "Our Brands", which takes the visitor to the Westpro website.

The company distributes a wide range of gasoline and dual fuel traditional and inverter portable generators with power outputs between 15000 watts and 1200 watts.

Where are Westinghouse Portable Generators Made?

It's not clear if and by who any of the design process is carried out in the US, but a search of the Internet indicates, according to these import records, that some or all of their generators are made by the Chinese company Ducar Technology Co Ltd, which appears to also have facilities in Vietnam and be part of Chongqing Dajiang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. The Chinese company also appears to make generators for Pulsar.

Westinghouse Portable Generators

Here is a selection of Westinghouse portable generators.


Article by Chris

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