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A-iPower SC2000i

Review of the A-iPower SC2000i Portable Inverter Generator

2000 Starting Watts, 1600 Running Watts on Gasoline

Electric Start: No

Weight: 46lbs

Noise: 52dB

Could it be a good buy?

A-iPower's US arm is said to have designed this portable generator, and like most of the other portable generators on the market, it's made in China.

It's a good little inverter that's well-built and buyers say it represents good value for money, especially as it comes with the Yamaha engine, known for its durability and reliability when compared to some other makes. This probably explains why the SC2000i is more expensive than the A-iPower SUA2000i, which is virtually the same other than having a Senci engine.

Overall, the SC2000i deserves a 4-star rating.

Some alternative inverters

If you are considering buying one of the smaller portable generators there are quite a few alternatives to the SC2000i that have around the same inverter power outputs. They include the Briggs & Stratton P2400, the Champion 100692, the dual fuel Champion 100402, the Generac GP2200i, the ubiquitous Honda EU2200i, the WEN 56203i and the Westinghouse iGen2200.

Key Points about the A-iPower SC2000i

Well-built and good value for money for light use
Yamaha engine known for its reliability and durability
Clean power outputs for sensitive electronics
Box includes parallel cables and basic tools
CARB Compliant
Maybe noisier than advertised
Oil changing can be messy

Overview of the SC2000i 

Almost exactly like the Ai-Power SUA2000i, this is a compact and highly portable inverter able to power basic appliances such as mobile phones, televisions, fans, lights, small cookers, and inflator pumps. It's a great option for all sorts of recreational uses, including camping, and tailgating, or just an enjoyable weekend out and about. Some owners also use it to work with low powered tools on DIY projects.

Controls and Features

A-iPower SC2000iV Control PanelA-iPower SC2000iV Fuel Gauge

The control panel is clear and easy to read and operate, featuring a multi-switch which integrates Start/Run/Off. This switch also acts as a fuel On/Off, Choke On/Off, and Engine On/Off. Besides the grounding nut and circuit breaker, there are three LEDs that indicate states of power ready, overload, and low oil.

For connections, you have 1xNEMA 120v 20A 5-20R outlet, 1xNEMA 120v 30A, L5-30R Twist-Lock outlet, and 1x12v DC 8.3A adapter plug to charge a 12v automotive battery or use with a USB adapter. A 30A RV adapter is supplied as standard so you won't need to buy an additional accessory.

There is a handy gauge on the fuel tank so you can easily monitor fuel use.

Eco-Modes like the one on the SC2000i are common to inverter generators. These control the engine speed to match whatever load you place on the generator. This mode of operation helps to increase fuel economy and extend engine life. When the switch is set to Off the engine runs at a continuous 4500 RPM.

For those looking for an electric start there is unfortunately no option on this generator. You have to start it with a manual recoil pull mechanism which some people might find inconvenient.

With CARB Certification you can use this inverter generator in all 50 states. Because it also has a spark arrestor you can also use it safely in National Parks and camp sites.

You can find more technical information for the SC2000i in its manual.

A-iPower offer a 2-year limited residential warranty.

WARNING: There is no carbon monoxide (CO) sensor fitted to this model so you must exercise extra care when operating it.

Power Outputs

One feature that sets the SC2000i apart from similar inverter generators is its Yamaha 79cc engine. Yamaha are renowned for their exemplary engine reliability so you can expect a longer engine life.

The generator has a starting output of 2000 watts and a running output of 1600 watts.

As an inverter generator, the quality of the power output supplied by the SC2000i matches the supply from the grid to your home meaning you don't need to be concerned about connecting sensitive electronic equipment.

The generator can be connected in parallel with an identical model to increase the outputs, and A-iPower have taken the trouble to provide as standard the required cables if you choose to go this route.

Noise Level

Unlike the bigger and more powerful portable generators, the SC2000i has a closed frame design, which naturally reduces noise significantly. The manual quotes 52dB at 25% load, and the company's advertising indicates a level of 58dB at 50% load. As to be expected, these noise levels are comparable to some of Yamaha's own inverters. All in all, it's a fairly quiet generator, especially in Eco-Mode.  However, like most of its competitors, if taken to its limit the noise level can increase dramatically. 

What Most Buyers Like

A-iPower thoughtfully provide some basic tools and an oil funnel. They also include cables for connecting another SC2000i in parallel, unlike some other manufacturers who offer these accessories as optional extras. It's good value, is well made, and could be a great choice for you if all you are looking for is to power light loads occasionally. Interestingly, one owner thinks it looks like a WEN model when the cover is removed.

What Some Buyers Like Less

Some buyers find it's a noisy generator and they claim it uses more fuel than advertised. They find oil changes are not easy to carry out because they have to tip the generator on its side to drain the oil, which can end up being a messy business.

Engine Type4-Stroke OHV Single Cyl.
CoolingAir Cooled
Running Watts1600w
Starting Watts2000w
Run Time7 Hours @ 1/2 load
Outlets1x120v AC NEMA LR-30R
1x120v AC 5-20R
1x12v 8A DC
EPA CertifiedYes
Net Weight46lbs (22kg)
Noise Level52dB @ 1/4 load
Fuel TypeGasoline Unleaded
Fuel Capacity1.1 Gallons
Oil TypeSAE 10W-30
StarterRecoil Manual
Dimensions (Unit)19.3x11.4x18 inches
Dimensions (Box)22x13x20.1 inches